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Taganga, Colombia

overcast -28 °C

So I´m in Taganga in Colombia. I`m not quite sure how this has happened but I´ve ended up on the coast again, this time the Caribbean rather than the Pacific. Nightmare. Ten years ago Taganga was a small fishing village and is now a big village/ small town on the tourist map but still has v laid back feel, the roads are unpaved, houses pretty ramshackle, everyone´s in shorts, chickens, dogs and small children wandering about the place. Its quite a dive centre. There are some nice, bars and cafe, restaurants and a couple of open air RAVE clubs, which apparently are quite lively.

As usual I follow where Gary leads and have enrolled in a 3 day diving course, the first day of which was today. I hadn´t planned to do a course but was speaking to a chap who had done a lot of diving here and sounded like fun and a good and cheap place to do it and Gary had really enjoyed it. Its me and a German guy from the hostel doing the course, with a v nice Colombian teacher. I had not previously understood the mechanics of the bends but the videos made this clear, that the oxygen in your lungs will expand as you rise and was illustrated by a plastic bag expolding, which was a nice vivid image for what would happen to your lungs if you dick about. I thought that it would be rather tedious learning but by the afternoon we were under water and it was great fun. I slightly struggled when having to take my mask off 12 feet underwater and swim around in a circle, starting to panic slightly and breath water in through my nose. Ideally I would have had a total underwater freak out and torn the masks and air supplies off my teacher and other learner, but narrowly avoided this.. Its a terrific thrill to be under water for half an hour or so. We saw quite a few fish, we were only in the shallow pracitice type bay, and a moray eel and scorpian fish. It was also a good excuse to bomb down the undeveloped coast in a motorboat. The next two days should allow more proper diving and I could then do some more dives on Monday or Tuesday perhaps if I have not expoded like an over inflated balloon.

The coast here is a surprise to me, I had my preconceptions that the Caribbean would be like a Sandals brochere (i.e a bit wimpy compared to the Pacific) but in fact this afternoon I would never have guessed I was in the Caribbean, it looks more like Cornwall, particularly as it was overcast with heavy weather coming in. Wooded hills run down to cliffs and scree slopes falling onto a jagged, rocky coastline with choppy deep blue water. Its quite wild especially today as there is said to be a storm coming. The give away is the lovely warm water. here til Wednesday when looking forward to hooking up with Anton and Becky again in Cartagena.

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Get in there Jonny!

I now have a dive buddy! When we've both grown up, and soothed our mid-life angst by quitting our jobs and taking off to other parts of the world, we can meet at the weekend and dive in freezing cold lakes around the British Isles. In the middle of Winter. I cannot wait! ;-)

To be honest mate I know exactly how you feel. I also did not like taking my mask off 12 feet under water and breathing through my nose. Although I have to say it was considerably better than doing it 18 metres under water (which you will do on day 3!) SORRY! :-) I also had major difficulties clearing my mask by pushing air through my nose. If I tried once, I must have tried about ten times. How the hell I passed I'll never know. I think the instructor felt sorry for me in the end. Anyway, now you really have no excuse not to go to the Red Sea the next time i go.

Glad to see you are safe and sound. Will email you over the weekend mate. About to go to bed now.

by GaryHowells

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