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Hola amigos, so I´m now in sitting in internet cafe in Puerto Escondido which is a tourist/ surf town on the Pacific coast in Mexico. I caught the bus this morning to this relative metropolis to change some money and use the net. Its v quiet here, like an out of season English holiday town but scorchingly hot and lots of palm trees and horseshoe of golden sand beach. Its an hour or so down the coast from Mazunte where I´ve been since Monday. Mazunte is a small village with not much going on except along golden sand beach and the big green Pacific waves rolling in, and some palm trees and some lazy dogs. Its low season around here so there bascially nothing going on. I arrived in Mazunte on Mondaytaking a 6 hour ride in a minibus from Oaxaca, heading south up over mountains, semi arid on the inland side and then tropical on the coastal side. Ienjoyed listening to some good jacking house music at high volume on the ipod whilst being driven at high speed around switchback mountain roads through vibrant jungly vegetation and waterfalls. I´ve had worse Mondays. The transport here seems to work pretty well, and you can take your choice from inter city coaches with tv, A/C, reclining seats and loos, like the one I caught from Mexico City to Oaxaca, to the local bus, like the one I caught this morning here which rattles along with all the doors and windows open and lots of things held together by bits of string. When I arrived on Monday we had to get from Pochutla where the minibus dropped us off to Mazunteby collectivo, which is pick up trucks which cover the shorts journeys between villages and smalltowns, where you clamber in the back and hold on tight. In Mazunte I just took a room to my self on lucky dip, itsv basic, 4 walls, painted bright peach, a bed, plastic chair and table, fan and bright pink mosquito net! If I jump out of the window land on the beach. From my window all I can see is a palm tree, golden sand and the green and blue pacific waves breaking. I sleep with the fan on and the sound of thev waves crashing on the beach. By midday the sand is really too hot to walk on. Soits a real treat to have some proper beach action. I{m staying out of the sun today after getting a bit too much yeaterday, I{m abit scared of the sun as you know it could do you some serious injury v quickly. Especially when you are in the sea as youdon it feel it but I couldn´t sit in full sunshine for more than 20 minutes or so. Iknow that everyone will be keen that Igo on a bout how hot the sun is :-P My room is 80 pesos, or 4 pounds a night.

Yesterday I got up at 8 a.m to go out with some fishermen for a few hours to see the turles, tortugas, which nest around here. We bumped along in rickety little fibreglass boat and a mile or so off the coast sawperhaps a dozen or so turtles paddling their way across the ocean. They were not super large, perhaps 18 inches across the shell, we jumped in and had a look at onewith snorkels and masks, quite gnarly with av beady eye! When he´d had enough of us he zoomed off like a torpedo down to the blue depths. A bit later we came across a school of dolphins that were slowly rising over the surface. In the meantime the fishermen were line fishing and periodically pulling out beautiful big fat, silver fish. I have been enjoying swimming, cautiously as the waves are v powerful and the hardest part is getting in and out. You can be up to your kness and pulled over however once in its lovely, warm. The Pacific horizon is mesmirising with earlier in the week huge weather systems moving relentlessly across in the far distance. You can see huge cloud formations on the horizon that looks as if the could be a hundred miles away and a 100 miles long. Every night there are electrical storms on the horizon which mustbe many miles away as there will be flashes that light up part of the horizon but no sound except perhaps sometimes a v v low distant rumble. There isn´t really anyone here except a few tourists, or anything to do, except think about going for a swim or reading a book. I am v much enjoying Moby Dick, and I can see why it is regarded as such a classic. Its v idiosyncratic, a history of whaling, whichis fascinating, an intimate study of the whale and all its parts and a great adventure, and they would have been whaling about these parts back in the day.

So, I´m planning to be on the coast till Monday next week then next week willbe the last week in Mexico moving up the coast to Tehuantepac, San Cristobel de las Casas, meant to be v nice old colonial townadn then to Palenque which isoften said to be a highlight of trip to Mexico where there are ruins in the jungle, meant to be v atmospheric, hot and steamy, Indiana Jones style. Then at end of next week cross into Guatemala. So the next village down the coast is called Zipolite, which apparently means coast of death, on account of the rip tides, which is nice. Apparently is a bit of an old hippy hangout and has a nudist beach. Taxi!

btw I despite my planning like aswiss railway timetable I cant get any phone signal here, despite setting up roaming, and there is coverage here, and have also locked myself out of my gmail account, gmail have sent a code to my phone, doh! Ihave set up another gmail account whilst I sort myself out - jonnywinck(at)gmail.com. Sorry, at sign not working on this comp.

Pip, pip, hope all well westside.

Posted by Stockwelljonny 11:28 Archived in Mexico

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Easy fella, sounds absolutely fantastic. I see you are settling in already and have already sampled the delights and comfort of rickety old buses. Get yourself some sleeping tablets at some point. They will come in very useful for some of the longer trips. Just don't abuse them or you'll wake up and find all your stuff missing. Take care and enjoy.....

by GaryHowells

Hello Jon

It sounds idyllic, all that's missing is The Hart family. Hear you met up with Paddy's daughter - did you have a good eve? Handy to have an inside view on Mexico.

It must be great to be somewhere so completely different. Has been mostly drizzling and grey here over the last couple of weeks. Joe is missing you by the way, says its very quiet and not the same.

Busy here, the builders have knocked through and the stairs are up and windows in. Not a huge space but should be peaceful and the views are amazing. The hall ceiling nearly came down during the work, fortunately the builder said he will plasterboard it for us and then get the plasterer to plaster it as part of the job. No extra charge - amazing what a few the cups of tea and cake can do!

Went to Reeka's 100th a couple of weeks ago, they had a Jewish Band and Reeka sang her favourite song - 'Maybe its because I'm a
Londoner.' It was good experience for the children, lots of entertaining residents. One woman stuck her hand in the cake and loved Sammy, she called him Mummy most of the afternoon.

Rich has next week off, well deserved as he only had a week's holiday over the summer. We are going to stay in Brighton with Emma for a few days, which is always good.

Take good care Jon, London wasn't the same without you.

Z and Co xoxoxoxo

by zoe hart

Sounds like you're having a good time in Mexico. We've just come back form Brighton (visiting Emma, Alfie and Alan) and by co-incidence we stopped off in the lanes top have a Mexican snacketto. Probably not as interesting as the grub you've been munching though. Hope Guatemala is treating you well. Look forward to reading your next entry. Rich

by Richard Hart

Blimey! I look-in to find out how Jonny's doing and find out more about the Harts than I do in a whole evening of Richard's company ;-)

by whaleydick

Is that the real whaleydick or an imposter?? ;-)

by Stockwelljonny

whaleydick - funny name - was this your idea?
I presume so.

by Richard Hart

sorry I forgot my kids came up with the whaley bit... as you were everyone.

by Richard Hart

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